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Question: Do I have to respond after performing the tasks?

Answer: Reporting after performing tasks is important to us in order to be able to send more suitable tasks for you in the future.

Question: I did not succeed in finding a solution to the mission I have received. How terrible is it?
Answer:   It is not terrible at all. The brain effort takes place during the attempt to solve the task and therefore also a person who has not been able to solve a task, but has persisted for a while in his attempts, earns at least like a person who solved it immediately.

Question: I play Bridge every week and go out a lot. Does it count Active Aging? If yes, why do I need this service too?

Answer: Indeed Bridge game is considered Active Aging.

Any exposure to new stimuli, and certainly if accompanied by social interaction, constitutes Active Aging.

Do4brain will allow you to expand and deepen your brain care.

For example, you can see that the abilities of memory and creative thinking, enhanced by the Do4Brain service, have contributed to the improvement of abilities during the Bridge game.

Question: How soon will I see the change? How will I know that it really helps?

Answer: The changes in the brain tissue are immediate, and are expressed in strengthening the connections between the nerve cells.  Improving cognitive abilities will come at a later stage - just like in a workout in the gym.  During which results are seen only after weeks of perseverance, despite microscopic changes Muscle tissue occurs at any moment during exercise.

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